20150706 Coffeys Casey OFarrell appointed Principal Adjunct Research Fellow at RMIT 370x298

Coffey Principal Contaminant Hydrogeologist Casey O’Farrell has been appointed Principal Adjunct Research Fellow at RMIT University.

The appointment reflects Casey’s ongoing collaboration with RMIT, as part of her work in the field of environmental site assessment and remediation, and her interest in environmental microbiology.

At Coffey, Casey provides specialist geochemistry and microbiological advice to our contaminated land assessment and remediation teams, and expert support to EPA appointed environmental auditors.

“The synergy between our team at Coffey and RMIT means we can offer advanced remediation and assessment advice that draws on both academic research and industry experience,” Casey said.

Casey has contributed to research projects across a number of Applied Sciences schools at RMIT, including Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry.

Casey is also an Industry Management Committee Member on RMIT’s advisory board for the Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Remediation. EnSuRe is a multi-disciplinary centre focused on outcome-oriented research. Casey encourages anyone at Coffey who has identified an area where environmental research could produce better, smarter outcomes, to make contact with her so that industry needs can be matched with academic focus.

Casey said with brownfield development for property and transport infrastructure emerging as a key issue, finding smarter ways to address assessment and remediation challenges was more important than ever.

Congratulations Casey.