Client name: Vale

Duration: 4 months

Location: Timbopeba Mine, Brazil

Coffey’s virtual reality environment enabled users to more clearly see, and understand the implications of ongoing mining activities. 


This project was developed to provide stakeholders a detailed understanding of underground iron ore mining operations.

Vales’ Speleology and Technology Management division wanted to show the quality of information available regarding their current mining operations, in relation to the viability of continued mineral reserve extraction.

Using their Virtual Reality Room resources, they wanted to be able to demonstrate the feasibility, and risks involved in operating an underground mine.


Drawing on the project data from the Timbopeba Underground Mine, we generated a mine model using specialised GIS, CAD and virtual reality services that would clearly demonstrate the best approach to developing an underground iron ore mine.

The resulting product consisted of a conceptual mine design incorporating the mine entrance, galleries, equipment and mine site infrastructure.


The spatial relationship between project and topography, exploration potential, drill holes and the underground water reserves, among others, was presented in a virtual reality environment. The user was provided the ability to review all data and facets of the design in an immersive and interactive environment.