Client name: Stockland

Duration: Feb 2012 - May 2012 

Location: Shellharbour, NSW

Our resource recovery solution for a car park upgrade saved our client almost $2 million dollars in material disposal fees.


Stockland was upgrading their commercial car park area in Shellharbour – involving the removal of pavement and subgrade materials.

These materials were unsuitable for reuse on this project and required offsite disposal. A high cost for disposal prompted our client to seek advice on alternate disposal methods.


Our team developed a sampling and analysis investigation program to assess the existing car park and subsurface materials.

Our results found that the pavement complied with existing resource recovery exemptions – allowing offsite re-use. However, the subgrade materials failed to meet criteria due to high copper concentrations.

Having worked extensively in the local area, we were able to provide evidence that the copper found in subgrade samples was likely to be naturally occurring. Based on these findings we prepared a specific resource recovery exemption to the NSW EPA – successfully securing a specific exemption approval for subgrade materials.


Our knowledge of waste guidelines and of the local area enabled our client to secure a specific exemption approval from NSW EPA. 

This exemption allowed waste materials to be re-used beneficially at another Stockland site – saving a large quantity of material from offsite disposal and reducing the associated costs. 

It is estimated that the savings to our client on disposal alone were almost $2 million.

We provided a successful sustainable solution that also avoided landfill disposal – allowing re-use of material at another property and saving landfill space.