Client name: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on behalf of SA Health

Duration: 2009 - 2013

Location: Glenside, South Australia, Australia 

To minimise construction delays and to ensure development approvals were met, a staged approach to the site contamination audit was undertaken during construction.  

Site contamination audit conducted in challenging conditions

The new state of the art Glenside Mental Health Facilities create an environment that brings together health services with every day community life and facilities, with the aim of supporting people with mental illness or substance abuse issues to lead normal lives.

The development was designed as an urban development demonstrating leading practice in sustainable design and construction with a of range green initiatives at the forefront of the design including recycling and reuse of waste generated during construction.

Coffey was engaged by the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to undertake a site contamination audit to meet the requirements of the development approval. In challenging conditions, the audit and construction occurred simultaneously.  

Independent staged audit led to a sustainable remediation strategy 

Coffey provided an independent audit of numerous contamination, remediation and validation studies and ongoing environment management plans.

To minimise delays and ensure delivery we assembled a highly experienced and dedicated South Australian based audit team to support our interstate auditor.  A team for each development stage worked under the auditor’s direction.

Onsite reuse of soils was an important consideration during the remediation works with opportunities for onsite management of contamination being a critical element of the remediation and construction program.

The audit required close collaboration with the DPTI and SA Health, as well as their project managers, construction contractors, design engineers and environmental consultants. 

Remediation delivered on-time and on-budget

  • the staged approach to the audit minimised construction delays
  • adoption of a sustainable remediation strategy delivered significant savings on remediation costs
  • the audit delivered on time and within the approved budget
  • our South Australian EPA accredited auditor, issued separate site audit statements for each development stage; confirming the land was suitable for the proposed uses
  • the new Glenside Mental Health Facility officially opened by the South Australian Health Minister in July 2013
  • a 21st century state of the art facility for the South Australian community