Client name: Value of Integrated Logistics (VIL)

Duration: January - October 2014

Location: Brazil

Coffey delivered an environmental geospatial database and supporting spatial visualization system that facilitates sound decision making regarding environmental compliance of the Central Atlantic Railroad and North South Railroad.


To meet the environmental constraints of the Central Atlantic Railroad and North South Railroad operating license issued by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources Valor da Logística Integrada (VLI) needed to map the use and occupation of Permanent Preservation Areas in its area of influence.

The railroad is approximately 8000km long, including a 1.5km area of surrounding influence. We mapped 24,000km² of land which crossed seven Brazilian states and the Federal District.


Using high-resolution satellite images we generated an environmental geospatial database system to classify land use features along the rail corridor providing more detailed data. We also documented super railway infrastructure, fauna pathways and rail accidents including a brief description of the event and emergency works. The geospatial system is web based and accessible to registered users.


We developed a web based spatial data visualization system to store the data generated as part of this process. Both VLI users and the control agencies monitor developments and compliance with environmental constraints using the system.

The Environmental Geospatial Visualisation System provides quick, easy access to data. This improves the flow of information and accurately informs the decision making process.