Client name: Department of Defence

Duration: 2009-2022

Location: Nationwide, Australia

Project value: $1.477 billion

Coffey’s leadership on this large and complex project, combined with their knowledge of Defence and Commonwealth processes has enabled this important project to proceed smoothly through design development and government approvals.

Ensuring a complex Defence project satisfies Government’s planning, environmental and legal requirements 

The F-35A aircraft is a fifth-generation, multi-role fighter being developed for the United States of America and eight international partner nations, including Australia.

Australia is purchasing a fleet of 72 aircraft and when integrated fully into the Australian Defence Force network, the F-35A will deliver the air dominance and strike functions currently provided by the F/A18A/B (Classic Hornet).

The F-35A Airfield Infrastructure and Facilities project is an extremely complex project, with a wide range of airfield infrastructure and facilities being designed and delivered.   It will provide airfield infrastructure and operational, administration and training facilities at multiple sites around Australia including RAAF Bases Williamtown, Tindal, Townsville, Darwin, Curtin, Scherger, Learmonth, Pearce and Edinburgh and Defence Establishment Myambat in support of the F-35A capability.

Given the complexity and scale, the project must satisfy and achieve various planning, environmental and legal requirements at all levels of Government.

Robust project management focused on meeting Defence’s objectives and implementing cost-saving initiatives 

As the Project Manager / Contract Administrator, Coffey has represented Defence through internal and government approvals, and led the Managing Contractor and their team of consultants.

Throughout the project development, we maintained a strong focus on meeting Defence’s objectives. We facilitated a fast, effective and structured decision making process with key Defence stakeholders to meet program objectives. We also implemented a number of value management initiatives which resulted in significant savings.

Continuous stakeholder engagement and timely delivery of key project milestones 

Over the last 5 years Coffey has led and managed the project through the scoping, procurement, planning, design and approval activities to present the $1.477B project for approval by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works.

We worked with a wide range of stakeholders to develop a design that meets the complex requirements of Defence and the aircraft system.  Key project milestones were achieved on time while maintaining an engaged set of stakeholders and a committed and motivated project environment.