Client name: European Commission (DG Justice)

Duration: 2012 - 2013

Location: European Union

Coffey undertook research to determine the best means of raising awareness of violence against women in the European Union. 


In 2010 the European Commission (EC) adopted its strategy for equality between women and men. The strategy indicated that the Commission would develop a European Union-wide strategy on combating violence against women (VAW), which would include a Europe-wide awareness-raising campaign.

Coffey was commissioned to provide an evidenced-based answer as to the best means of raising awareness of violence against women in the EU.

More specifically, our evaluation was to determine:

  • Which communication activities on VAW at the European and national level have been put in place during the previous two years?
  • What are the needs of different target groups in terms of communication?
  • What should be the objectives of the measures developed or of the funding?
  • Who should be the target public?
  • What should be the messages?
  • What should be the tools and media?
  • What should be the monitoring tools and indicators?


Evaluation methodology – Due to the complex nature of the task, our team devised a mixed method approach to evaluate the effectiveness of current communications standards.

These methods included:

  • a review of documentation
  • interviews with Commission staff
  • a mapping of the awareness of VAW on the national level
  • a review of examples of effective campaigns on VAW
  • interviews with a sample of national authorities
  • a facilitation of a workshop on options for awareness-raising


Key conclusions – The evaluation led to a number of key conclusions on the EC’s communications regarding VAW. For example, the evaluation found that there is a need to bolster political support for awareness-raising on VAW at the national level.