20141110Project start upContentProject initiation is a crucial planning step and is all too often overlooked in the haste to get a project underway. The ability to influence a project from the perspective of time, cost, quality and ultimately return on investment, diminishes the further along the project lifecycle you are.

Proactively focusing on the initiation phase, and engaging with industry experts, can ensure the desired outcomes are rigorously tested against the core strategic direction of the project and business. This thorough review and early direction setting will have the greatest impact on the ability to return maximum benefit – be that whole of life cost, program / time savings or best for business outcomes.

Current leading industry practice recognises the ability to influence the whole of life cost is greatest during the earliest stages of a project. This means early engagement of an industry specialist can help the project owner to harness expert knowledge and drive project efficiencies to maximise the savings while they are available for the taking.

How Coffey can help

We provide our expertise during project initiation, and throughout all phases of the project planning process, providing your project rigour and structure to ensure its strategic objectives are delivered - every time.

Early engagement at the concept stage of a project allows our industry specialists to facilitate innovation workshops and, utilising our rigorous processes, to explore all available options to maximise project benefits aligned to your strategic objectives.

These solutions might include:

  • robust project briefs to facilitate easier consultant engagement
  • clearly articulated project management plans which give all stakeholders clear direction on the project
  • early discussions regarding procurement strategies to mitigate risk

Starting a project well will realise maximum benefits - early in the decision making stages of the project. Your project’s success depends on robust project initiation.

Consider the implications of not starting a project well, and then consider the potential enhancements that could provide maximum impact in the early stages of the project - saving you time and money.

Consider Coffey to guide you through this process.

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