20141008Part funding for feasibility studies of resource and infrastructure projectscontentProspective clients undertaking feasibility studies for projects across Africa and elsewhere in the world are potentially able to access funding from the South African Government. A grant scheme known as The Capital Projects Feasibility Programme (CPFP) is available to companies who appoint South African consultants to complete their feasibility study for projects undertaken outside of South Africa – including mining, oil & gas, transport infrastructure and property.

The primary objective of the program is to facilitate feasibility studies that are likely to lead to high-impact projects with potential to stimulate value-adding economic activities in South Africa, as this will have greater impact on the country’s industrial policy objectives.

Grant access

Working with Coffey’s South African business, it is possible for you to access this grant. For projects outside Africa the grant is capped at ZAR 8 million to a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the feasibility study, while projects within Africa are capped at 55% of the total costs.

The criteria required are:

  • new projects, expansion of existing projects and the rehabilitation of existing projects
  • the program that’s anticipated to emerge from the feasibility study must fulfil the objectives of the scheme
  • the minimum local content should be 50% for goods and 70% for professional services which remains at the discretion of the Adjudication Committee
  • projects can be situated anywhere in the world - excluding South Africa
  • the project must have an adequate chance of being declared a success
  • a positive impact on other developmental aspects including job creation, skills development, linkages with small, medium and micro enterprises
  • a minimum of 10% of the total professional services involved during the feasibility study should be sub-contracted to South African black-owned professionals/entities
  • a clear, detailed time period within which the project emanating from the feasibility study will be realised
  • buy-in and other sources of funding from private and public sector organisation(s) to realise the project

How Coffey can help

We have two businesses based in South Africa and use local skills to deliver projects on behalf of our clients – predominantly in mining and property. While there are no guarantees, we meet the qualification criteria of the CPFP and are able to help you to apply for these funds and reduce the cost of your feasibility study.

If you have any questions about how this initiative may impact your project, please contact us on +27 11 679 331 or via email at chris.fredericks@coffey.com or ken.lomberg@coffey.com

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