De risk your next property development project content infographic

Investing in property development can be risky. Certain ground conditions can delay your development’s progress and end up costing you a bundle. And for the most part they’re hidden below ground.

But if you know what to look for, the plants growing on your site can help.

Coffey’s view

If you can appreciate the likely impacts of local ground conditions on your development, you can reduce your risk by managing them early in the design phase.

This may include revisiting design levels, improving the soil or looking at environmental management & planning strategies.

Although the risk can’t be completely removed, through improved understanding, it can be managed.

How we help

We’ve developed this insight to help, but knowing what to look for is just one part of the story. If you have one or more of these plants on your site, then a deeper look is essential.

Our environmental scientists and geotechnical engineers can assess your risks, and provide practical and cost-effective solutions as required.

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