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Urs Meyerhans 
President, Tetra Tech Asia Pacific Division and Chief Executive Officer, Coffey

Over the past three years, Tetra Tech including its subsidiaries Coffey, A Tetra Tech Company, Norman Disney Young, A Tetra Tech Company (NDY)  and Eco Logical Australia, A Tetra Tech Company (ELA) have been proud platinum sponsors of the ADM Defence Estate and Base Services Summit. As an expert in Defence partnering Tetra Tech has had a long and proud history in delivering sustainable solutions for Defence globally. In bringing together the best experts from Australia and internationally for this event we believe that we can promote Defence innovation through active industry engagement.

Over the past four decades, we’ve been working to better understand the challenges faced by our Defence partners. At the 2018 Defence Estate event, I was fortunate to introduce and be part of  a workshop discussion looking at the real-life challenges currently impacting Defence estates.

Defence assets traditionally have lifecycle durations measured in decades, and developing lifecycle strategies to maintain assets and minimise operational, safety and environmental risks is a key challenge for Defence asset managers.

There is also the added complexity of operating within the regulatory and accountability framework.

As consulting experts in this highly specialised field, Tetra Tech is focused on finding new ways to support our Defence partners to continuously improve the efficiency, security and resource sustainability of estate facilities.

Delivering smarter infrastructure

Designed to support those working across the estate lifecycle to continuously improve the efficiency, security and resource sustainability of new and refurbished estate facilities, the Integration of the Smart Infrastructure Handbook was just released in June 2019.

With guiding principles into decision making processes across the estate lifecycle and promoting estate sustainability is optimised through the whole of life cost and management considerations, it sets the drivers to continuously improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of Defence estates.

For consultants like Tetra Tech this is particularly crucial when planning and delivering capital works, and in some cases, re-purposing existing assets. Sustainable Engineering Design is one example of a specialist area of expertise which Tetra Tech is delivering benefit across Defence estates especially when delivering recommendations for expansion and modified facilities.

The expansion and modification of RAAF bases facilities to support the new training systems operations capability was one such challenge Tetra Tech subsidiary NDY delivered on.

NDY’s Sustainable Engineering Design services together with strategic policy advisory allowed Defence to progress with expansion of their AIR 5428 pilot training facilities.

Delivering the Australian Defence Force’s single largest nationwide infrastructure project, National Air Combat Capability (NACC), Coffey as the Project Manager and Contract Administrator continues to support Defence in optimising estate sustainability through whole of life cost and management considerations. The project is on track to meet Initial Operating Capability in December 2020. 

Sustainable outcomes for Defence and the environment

Added to the challenge of infrastructure is the immense and important work of managing and maintaining the environment and heritage across the Defence estate.

Ensuring that Defence estates meet the minimum sustainability standards for infrastructure planning, design, and construction, across climate adaptation, energy, water, waste minimisation and management and pollution prevention is complex and requires a range of partners coming together to provide the right expert advice and guidance.

From bushfire management plans and PFAS environmental management services right through to comprehensive monitoring of aircraft noise and migratory bird patterns, these are just a few examples of consulting expertise Tetra Tech through its subsidiaries Coffey and ELA have delivered to key defence partners in the decision-making processes, ensuring Estates meet their regulatory and sustainability compliance.

Defence Estate managers today and tomorrow will continue to face unique challenges in building their Defence Estate strategies.

In partnering with consulting experts, Defence will be able to deliver on its objective across various programs and through the asset lifecycle.

About Tetra Tech in Australia and New Zealand

Bringing the best together, we pride ourselves on providing diverse and complementary specialists skills of foremost experts working collaboratively to deliver solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges. 

Our dedicated ANZ Defence team serves as the centralised hub for our extensive and varied work across Defence.

We can offer Defence single point access to a team of experienced consultants here in Australia and around the world.

A unique combination of environmental scientists, engineers, project managers and planners, we have been delivering Defence smarter solutions for more than 40 years.

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