From project inception to contract administration and program management, our project management team doesn’t simply get the job done – they innovate, enhance and lead.

At Coffey we believe that trust and reliability are non-negotiable aspects of any working relationship between project manager, client and community.  These are the foundations on which we build every project, to allow our clients to focus on their core business with peace of mind that their objectives will be met.

Our goal is to always add value for our clients.

Over the last 30 years we’ve developed leading project planning and control capability in property, transport, ports and water projects for private and public sector clients.

Recognising that each project is different, we tailor our solutions to reflect this. This means smart solutions for probity management, procurement strategies, funding, stakeholder management, community relations and publicity, risk management, scheduling, procurement, construction management and delivery management.

Our strength is in the detailed management of the project to develop an intelligent risk culture so your project is completed consistently on-time and on-budget. And our quality management system and service delivery methodology is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

  • Project planning and scheduling

    Having strong project controls in your program of works will provide you greater control and certainty of outcome. Our project controls allow you to make proactive and informed decisions. We’ll help improve efficiencies to reduce your input time, improve cash flow and use of capital.

    Our team’s expertise ensures we are always ready and able to achieve your vision, and meet a project’s commercial requirements. 

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  • Design management

    Design management is all about developing the right scope.

    If you get it wrong, you can end up with a poor design, or one with significant gaps - both of which could cost you time and money.

    We work with our clients, architects and consultants to understand and define the brief, our client’s drivers and what might be the obstacles to successful delivery. This collaborative approach is an efficient and timely way to deliver a creative design that meets the clients’ objectives.

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  • Building information modelling/management (BIM)

    There are few industry standards or established guidelines for how BIM should be used in relation to, and in the context of, contractual relationships between client, designers, contractors and subcontractors.

    At Coffey we’ve developed a BIM management system that is fully interoperable with all design platforms and proprietary design packages. Our BIM system can fully integrate with existing construction related document management programs and there’s no need to buy expensive design user licenses. Under the guidance of one of our BIM managers, our system will provide an economical solution, far cheaper than other options, that is user friendly, easy to understand and simple to use.

    We’ll help you establish how to use BIM, how to integrate it into your projects, the processes for its use and who does what. 

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  • Risk management facilitation

    The need to comply with multifaceted project stages, probity and other procurement compliance guidance and requirements can mean a long process.

    A procurement manager’s worth is in balancing the risks to achieve the best value for money outcomes.

    If you get it wrong, the variations in time and cost can be massive.

    This stage of the project lifecycle includes the procuring of financiers, consultants and contractors (including facility operations and maintenance management) to design, build and operate the project.

    There are multiple strategies and accepted delivery options. These include Head Contract, Design and Construct, Construction Management, Managing Contractor, Document and Construct, Alliancing, and PPP. 

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  • Value management

    To understand where value can be achieved, you must first understand the client’s objectives and the complexity of the issues in delivering them. Once you understand all the components, the solution becomes clear.

    Ultimately our client’s challenge, and therefore ours as their project manager, is to maximise the functionality of their asset at a minimum cost.

    Value management is a structured approach used to analyse complex issues and develop appropriate solutions at key milestones of a project development, and as a result, enhance your project’s success. 

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  • Contract administration

    There are many instances where contract administration is being performed as if it was a ‘post box service’.

    At Coffey we are different. Our trained professionals operate with a thorough knowledge of our ISO 9001:2008 accredited management system and actively drive information flow and project rigour across all stages of the project lifecycle.

    By setting up key process documents and ensuring regular reporting is carried out and shared with all stakeholders, there are no surprises, providing you peace of mind that your project is under control.

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  • Project commissioning and handover management

    Project completion is arguably the most critical phase of a development. And at the end of a long project, people are tired and things can get missed.

    Understanding risks from the start ensures appropriate planning can be undertaken and strategies implemented from the outset to ensure a smooth handover at the end.

    From the beginning, we work with the project team to design the right scope. At this point, we also detail the close out process.

    Our close out process ensures commissioning and handover will be timely so there are no delays to the project completion date.  We ensure all parties do their work as required in their contracts and facilitate the processes and checks to be completed.

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