Our team of specialist occupational hygienists will investigate your workplace for current and potential hazards and dangers and provide practical recommendations for improving the safety of workers and the surrounding community.

The range of health risks affecting workplaces are becoming more wide-ranging and complex than ever as are the regulatory and reporting requirements surrounding them.  

From compliance reporting commitments relating to workplace practices, industrial operations and construction materials to assessing building performance on air quality, thermal comfort, noise or lighting as part of corporate commitments or performance rating schemes our occupational hygienists can help you manage your risk and improve the performance of your building.   

We can advise on any unexpected health risks after pest infestation or water or fire damage as well as issues around sickness or odour attributed with the workplace. 

Our team of occupational hygienists can help you anticipate, identify, evaluate and manage environmental exposure to chemical, physical or biological hazards.

Chemical risk management

  • Workplace Air and Surface Contaminant Monitoring (e.g. silica quartz, diesel particulate, welding fume, volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, dust, asbestos, microbiological aerosols etc.)
  • Gas detection and workplace monitoring for toxic gases
  • Indoor Air Quality assessments, including for indoor environment or wellness building ratings
  • Odour risk assessments and source identification/mitigation
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances surveys and management
  • Health and odour complaint investigations
  • Other Hazardous Materials surveys:
    • lead based paints
    • semivolatile and volatile organic sources
    • polyfluorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
    • fluorinated compounds such as CFCs
    • PFAS from fire extinguishers

Physical risk management

  • Noise surveys (accredited noise officers)
  • Vibration surveys
  • Thermal comfort assessments (including heat stress monitoring) including for Indoor Environment and Wellness building ratings
  • Lighting surveys
  • Radiation monitoring (EMF, RFR and NORMS)
  • Confined space risk assessments
  • Respiratory and ear plug fit testing and protection programs
  • Structural integrity inspection

Biological risk management

  • Water damage and mould risk assessment and mitigation
  • Mould analysis laboratory services
  • Management of sewage escape risks
  • Pest allergen testing
  • Potable water testing (microbial and chemical)
  • Cooling Towers Risk Management Plans and Water sampling
  • Legionella Risk Management