The risks associated with inadequate pavement design, using inappropriate materials or poor construction methods are considerable. Poor pavement performance can create critical safety issues on roads, ports and airports, as well as long term maintenance and cost issues. 

Coffey provides practical and cost effective approaches to help manage these risks. Our team has applied its expertise in the design and management of road infrastructure and pavements in urban and rural environments for private and public sector clients throughout the world.

Pavement design

We can perform pavement design options for roads, airfields, special applications and heavy duty pavements – conducting whole of life pavement costing and low cost pavement design.

We specialise in all pavement materials included asphalt, bitumen and polymer modified binders, concrete, granular and segmental block units. Our team can advise on the use of natural and recycled materials and aggregates, material improvement, stabilisation and modification options, asphalt mix design, concrete materials and mix design and design audit functions.

Our experienced team can perform contract supervision, natural materials location and extraction management, ground bearing improvement techniques, quality assurance services, geotechnical and pavement testing, design audit and performance audit functions.

Pavement assessment and maintenance

We can assess premature defects, identify whether the pavement hasn’t performed and develop effective rehabilitation plans.

Once a surface is in use we can perform maintenance contract supervision, condition assessment of pavements and foundations, and rehabilitation treatments. Our team can select and source natural construction materials, perform quality assurance services, design and audit functions, conduct risk management and digital database management.

We strive for continual improvement at Coffey and have strong relationships with research and academic institutions, and access to state-of-the-art research and technology.