Above and below ground we are building taller, deeper, larger and more complex structures - often in very dense urban areas that interact significantly with existing or planned structures.

Open cut and underground mines need to go deeper to be feasible, with higher stress and more challenging conditions than ever before.

Coffey provides practical solutions from design to operations. Whether it be simple or complex, our numerical modelling can be a key component to delivering the right solution.

New projects in complex and dense urban environments rely on a good understanding of the risks associated with both stability and serviceability of the proposed structure and its interaction with existing structures. Underground mass mining methods rely on the stability of pillars, access drives, chambers, and in some cases surface installations which may experience subsidence. Slopes in very deep pits, or those interacting with underground operations, require adequate design methods that take stress, rock mass damage and structure into account.

We simplify complex, 3D modelling to enable better forecasting of stability and interactions under realistic conditions. Our expert team can quantify the associated risks using sensitivity analysis and probabilistic tools.

Using the full range of our geomechanics and 3D numerical modelling expertise, we deliver solutions for complex geotechnical and rock mechanics that ensures safety, and improves constructability and commercial success of operations - in turn securing the long term success of any investment.