The rapid development experienced across the globe over the last several decades has seen competent ground become scarce. Owners and developers now look at marginal land affected by geoenvironmental and geohazard issues as having more potential than it may have before. Specialist engineering is necessary to resolve these issues to make the land viable. 

At Coffey we have vast experience in dealing with the design and construction of ground improvement measures on marginal land.

Weak and highly compressible or collapsible soils can create serious consequences for a project if they are not well managed. Correct interpretation of the geology and geotechnical conditions of a site and identification of compressible or other weak soils prior to design is critical.

Where weak or undesirable soils are encountered, we develop ground improvement methods to ensure a project can progress – always with consideration to the available time for the development. Our geotechnical risk assessment, combined with relative costing, will allow the owner and developer to make informed project decisions.