To protect the commercial and community interests of your organisation, it’s important to understand not only what lies above, but also what lies below the ground – your in-ground risk. 

Your land may have been exposed to legacy practices that could present significant liabilities to your project and organisation. These liabilities can cost your project time and money, as well as affecting your corporate reputation. It’s vital that you consider your operating and site-specific conditions, regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations.

Whether you’re planning ahead or dealing with an accident, it’s important to take the right approach from day one. Our team will effectively manage any current or future issues, to minimise cost and to protect your corporate reputation.

Contamination issues can lower your property value and sink an otherwise profitable project through unexpected costs and extensive delays. To combat this, our team of specialists will provide remediation advice so you understand your options and get the best possible value for your land. If you’re purchasing land, it’s important that you don’t take on someone else’s liability. Through our understanding of the latest regulations, we’ll provide you with a clear picture and in-depth understanding of the issues at risk.

  • Due diligence and risk management

    Whether you’re buying or selling, our due diligence services can provide you with projected (and estimated) costs of potential contamination for future land use. We’ll make our findings clear, using non-technical terms and in the context of your business objectives.

    When it comes to risk management, the assessment of land contamination and associated risks relies heavily on professional judgement. This judgement is often based on samples taken from only a small portion of what’s being assessed. For this reason, many aspects of contamination are naturally uncertain. At Coffey, our team has in-depth, specialist experience in contamination risk assessment. This provides our clients with peace-of-mind that their issues are being dealt with by the best possible team.

    Through our work, our team will provide practical advice on the likely outcomes and your options for dealing with them. We can also assess the risks and effectiveness of controls associated with your contamination management strategy, for everything from small residential sites to public recreation areas, to large industrial complexes.

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  • Contaminated land auditing

    Wherever your project is, we have an experienced contaminated land auditor, accredited by the relevant environmental regulator, in that jurisdiction. Each of our auditors has worked in the industry for at least 25 years, so they know their discipline.

    We undertake independent reviews of contamination assessment and remediation programs, completed by other environmental consultants and/or remediation contractors. At the end of the assessment and remediation process, we’ll certify the suitability of the land for its particular use.

    We service a range of clients, including all levels of government and the private sector ranging from multinationals to small companies. Our audit clients include land owners, developers and land development agencies; the legal, finance and professional services sector; companies from transport, property, industrial, petroleum and utility sectors; and many others.

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  • Site assessment and environmental monitoring

    Good site assessment and monitoring starts with a sound understanding of the conceptual site model. Our experienced project directors can prepare the most effective scope of work to achieve your project’s objective, working within national, state and territory legislative requirements.

    By using advanced field assessment techniques, we provide high quality site assessments. These assessments have helped clients reduce waste disposal, collect data remotely, avoid mobilisation costs, remove uncertainties and avoid project delays.

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  • Groundwater and hydrology

    Our team of hydrogeologists undertake investigations for development, mine and industrial sites where contaminated groundwater may occur. We also undertake dewatering studies for mines and engineering excavations. Using a range of techniques to simulate groundwater flow, geochemistry and solute transport, we can evaluate environmental impacts and develop groundwater management plans. We can also apply analytical or numerical solute transport models, to predict the migration of contaminant plumes, to model clean-up processes and assess the efficiency of your remediation options.

    We’re experienced in hydrological investigation and surface water modelling too. We can prepare your water balance models for regulatory compliance and forecast site water surplus or deficit, taking into account climate change. Our team can simulate the hydrology for your site at a local or catchment scale.

    We can manage all groundwater and surface water aspects of your site development from pre-feasibility and land capability assessment, through to development and works approval.

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  • Ground gases and vapour intrusion

    Vapour intrusion has become a key focus area of health risk assessment for contaminated sites. So to be able to collect accurate and defensible data, it’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the issues involved.

    We routinely assess soil vapour and landfill gases, following Australian, UK and US best practice and protocols. Our specialist teams have extensive experience in assessing the issues that may come from landfill gas, volatile hydrocarbon vapour and other forms of ground gas.

    We can help you design and implement landfill gas or soil vapour sampling programs, and assist in interpreting the data too.

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  • Acid sulfate soils

    Acid sulphate soil testing can often return false positives, leading to unnecessary and costly remediation. Combining acid sulfate soil investigations with geotechnical and/or contamination assessments, we can help determine if acid sulphate soil will be a problem on your site. If required, we’ll also advise on how to manage the hazard in the most practical and cost effective way – without major disruption to your earthworks.

    Our acid sulphate soils management plans, provide developers and earthwork contactors with a practical and easy to follow method for managing acid sulfate soils. This allows you to complete your project on time.

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  • Remediation contracting

    If you don’t plan and manage your remediation works carefully, your project could face increased costs, lengthy delays, loss of production and poor community engagement.

    As principal contractor, we can take all these issues off your hands. Our full remediation service begins with remediation options assessments and accurate budget forecasts. We’ll then take your project all the way through remediation design and implementation, to final validation and sign-off.

    The result is a low-risk, cost effective remediation – on time and on budget – with the choice of a fixed price lump sum project or risk sharing partnerships.

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  • Groundwater remediation

    When it comes to remediation systems, we offer the complete package. From detailed design and installation, to commissioning, operation and maintenance.

    We can take control of all elements of your remediation project, giving you better timing and budget control; and the peace of mind that comes from working with the same team throughout a project.

    Over the last decade, we’ve successfully installed and operated over 30 fixed remediation systems, with most achieving the site’s remediation closure goals. We utilise a range of technologies, tailored to your site’s issue. We’ve also completed several in situ remediation projects using our specialised portable injection and soil vapour extraction system equipment.

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  • Risk assessment and toxicology

    We have extensive experience in providing risk assessments in the areas of human health and ecological toxicology, so we’re well equipped to offer you specialist advice on the risks associated with a wide range of chemical substances.

    Our services are used to determine whether further site assessment is required or what type of risk management is most cost effective. Site specific risk evaluations guide the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites, future site management, environmental audits and regulatory compliance. Risk assessment also assists in environmental planning and approvals for mining and infrastructure projects.

    Our reports provide insight into potential toxicological and ecological effects at realistic exposure levels, to support the development of risk mitigation strategies.

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  • Landfill services

    Waste disposal to landfill is a heavily regulated and technically complex industry, with new regulations and guidelines introduced all the time. Our containment design, auditing and environmental monitoring specialists can advise you on the environmental, financial and technical aspects of developing and operating landfills.

    Our services cover the entire life of a landfill site, right through to subsequent redevelopment. Our clients include local authorities, landfill operators and industrial clients operating chemical process plants, containment cells and settling lagoons.

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  • Environmental compliance

    Effective stakeholder engagement is a vital part of doing business in today’s society. By undertaking an independent audit and review of your environmental management system, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and the environment.

    Our staff are trained and experienced in developing ISO 14000 compliant environmental management systems, and preparing management plans and process reviews. With system auditors in multiple locations, we can guide you through the review process and provide constructive advice on system improvements.

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