Protecting your workforce from health and safety risk is a challenge for all organisations and the consequences of poor management can be disastrous. Issues relating to health and safety impacts not only your employees and community; but can cost your organisation time, money and reputation.

The support you need to keep your site safe

To safeguard your workforce, you need to be able to identify risk early and plan for it. And when something does go wrong, you need to be able to act quickly. To achieve this, it’s vital that your workforce embeds a safety culture. When your workforce know the hazards and is mindful of its own and others’ safety, you can avoid most incidents altogether.

We help our clients achieve their safety goals through specialist advice across a wide range of hazards and geographies, as well as management and mitigation systems to help you create a safety culture.

  • Hazardous materials services

    We advise on current legislation and identify the hazards on your site. You’ll receive timely and accurate information on the location and levels of, and how to deal with: asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, lead in paint, synthetic mineral fibres and other hazardous materials.

    Asbestos consultancy services

    We have a dedicated service to help you reduce exposure to asbestos and other hazardous substances in the workplace. We were the first in Australia to be IEC/ISO17020 NATA-accredited for hazardous material surveys, hazardous materials management plans and hazardous materials clearance inspections. Today, we hold three accreditations for asbestos work in Australia: surveying and management systems, air monitoring and fibre counting, and clearance inspections. We leverage this technical knowledge and experience to work with key clients on their projects all over the world. 

    Laboratory analysis and monitoring

    Coffey laboratory services are accredited with the world recognised NATA Accreditation to:
    Perform fibre counting
    Report on findings under the authority of a NATA accredited laboratory
    Set up an onsite laboratory on major projects

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  • Health and safety in the workplace

    We partner with you in project managing your health and safety processes. We can help your workers and contractors embed safety in all of your workplaces. We will implement practical and effective health and safety strategies to enable your business to run smoothly and minimise disruption due to incidents or injury.

    Health and safety training

    Creating and maintaining a safety culture requires training and constant reinforcement. We will provide you with competency-based, on-site training and assessment specifically designed for your situation and industry.

    Onsite health and safety management

    Onsite health and safety leadership requires competent and focused operators. We will provide you with suitable staff, with industry experience, to partner with you to manage on site safety. We can also provide auditing services to ensure that systems have been implemented effectively and identify areas for improvement.

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  • Occupational hygiene

    Our specialists will investigate your workplace for current and potential hazards and dangers. This will include scientific research to provide data on possible harmful conditions. You get practical recommendations for improving the safety of workers and the surrounding community. Where needed, our team will develop techniques to anticipate and control potentially dangerous situations.

    We can provide:

    • occupational hygiene assessments
    • indoor air quality assessments
    • hazardous agent controls including asbestos, pesticides and chemical exposure
    • radiation assessment and protection
    • hazardous waste management
    • noise testing and management

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