Minimising risk is a significant challenge for all companies. Issues arising from the environment and the regulatory landscape can account for a large proportion of your company’s above and below ground risk. Through effective environmental and social performance management, your company can manage today’s challenges and plan for future impacts, thereby saving money and project time.

Through our specialist services, we work with our clients to manage the complex and changing international and local legislative frameworks impacting your business. We also manage stakeholder and community relations and are experienced working in emerging economies and frontiers.

Environmental and social services

We help our clients understand the complexities of environmental legislation and stakeholder requirements. We know how to engage with the diverse groups you need to influence: from landholders, to environmental, community and industry groups, to regulators and politicians. Our specialists will manage your regulatory approvals, develop stakeholder trust, optimise environmental and social performance, and demonstrate compliance and corporate responsibility.

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Health and safety

Regardless of your working environment, health and safety must be your first priority. To avoid health and safety risk, we provide our clients with specialist advice across a wide range of hazards, as well as management and mitigation systems to help you create the right safety culture. We also understand the complexities of workplace health and safety legislation and the practical realities of keeping your site safe for your workers, contractors and members of the public.

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Site assessment and remediation

In order to protect the commercial viability of your project and the reputation of your organisation, it’s vital that your environmental management processes are up to the mark. To achieve this, we provide our clients with specialist services through our understanding of environmental liability, as well as a range of cost effective and timely remediation strategies.

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