We provide structural engineering services to the resources, energy, transport and property sectors covering all phases of a project’s life cycle from identification to operation. 

Our team of specialists strive to develop practical and cost-effective design solutions tailored to the unique conditions of each project. Using the latest technologies, we deliver technically complex and innovative designs that aim to reduce your project risks, cost and timeframe.

Our engineers are outcome focused and work closely with clients and contractors to ensure the constructability of building projects.

We pride ourselves on having a client first attitude. We break down barriers of communication by ensuring direct contact between the design engineers and the client, whether it’s from our office, on site or seconded into client teams.

The engineering team works seamlessly with our geotechnical colleagues and specialise in the design of geotechnical structures and soil-structure interaction. This collaboration enables us to quickly deliver smart solutions to complex problems, especially in temporary works and soil retention design.

We utilise non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to accurately model the static and dynamic behaviour of structures. This allows our team to optimise engineering designs and achieve the most economical and sustainable designs.

Geotechnical structures

We are industry leaders in the design of geotechnical structures. In close collaboration with the geotechnical team and by using a tried and tested iterative process for our design models we provide optimised, accurate, economical and constructible geotechnical structures, whether it be for temporary or permanent constructions.

Mining structures

Our team has a strong multidiscipline mining engineering department which executes large scale brownfield and greenfield mining projects. We have been operating for 30 years in WA as Proteus Engineers and are now a part of Coffey, A Tetra Tech Company and Tetra Tech. We offer a total package of project services from feasibility studies through to construction and commissioning.
We are leaders in the application of plant space design technology, with all projects modelled in 3D to achieve real advantages including:

   • Enhanced stakeholders review
   • Assistance to safety, risk and constructability reviews
   • Accurate fabrication drawings due to electronic interfacing with shop detailers 

Temporary works

Our team works closely with constructors to provide real world temporary works solutions. We pride ourselves on coming up with designs which are efficient and easy to install. We minimise material waste and optimise our designs while completing work quickly to ensure minimal cost to our clients.

Steel, concrete or timber design can be provided as required to meet the contractor’s preference. Safety four our team, the contractor and the public is our number one priority.


We are leaders in the demolition of complex structures. Our award winning team has demolished iconic structures such as the IMAX in Sydney.

Our team provides services from demolition management plan development through to detailed structural demolition design. We can analyse the impact on adjacent structures and tunnels and can provide 3D models and animations to display the demolition sequencing.

Asset condition assessments

Our team is experienced in asset condition assessments. 

We provide condition assessments of existing assets to calculate residual design life and structural capacity. Our team is experienced in the assessment of buildings, promenades, wharves, bridges and jetties and can inspect concrete, steel or timber and take samples for analysis to confirm material parameters.

We provide condition surveys to document the existing condition of structures prior to and after construction to minimise the risk of litigation. Our team inspects structures and takes photographs, measurements and in some cases point cloud surveys to accurately document condition.