When every challenge you face is different, your solutions need to be based on both deep experience and innovative thinking. The right support will help you navigate your project through dynamic political, social and economic landscapes.

We’ve worked in international development for more than 40 years and have over 300 active projects across 90 countries. We know the value of partnering with our clients and local communities to deliver informed and comprehensive service delivery, no matter what the project.

  • Fund and grant management

    At the forefront of the design, implementation, management and monitoring of competitive grant mechanisms, we aim to reduce poverty and improve governance.

    Supporting grantees from the application phase through to project implementation, we work with them to develop sustainable organisational models and promote learning between grantees. We’ve worked with grantees ranging from businesses and business associations to civil society organisations and the media.

    We were the first to implement challenge fund modality through DFID’s Financial Deepening Challenge Fund. Since then, we’ve managed many challenge funds on behalf of multilateral and bilateral donors, private foundations and the private sector.

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  • Gender and social inclusion

    Working closely with our partners, we integrate gender and social inclusion strategies into our projects, whether in education, governance, security sector reform or others.

    Using context-specific approaches, we manage projects that increase girls’, women’s and marginalised groups’ access to quality security services, fair justice, economic opportunities and healthcare. Our teams help improve the delivery of government services to all members of society and work to give marginalised groups a greater say in decisions that affect them.

    This work includes supporting changes to government policies, laws and practices, raising public awareness of issues affecting women and socially excluded groups, and much more.

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  • Organisational development and training

    The right approach to staff development, human resource management and change management supports organisational effectiveness and sustainability.

    Over the years we’ve developed a number of tools for strengthening organisations. The Institutional Development Framework is a diagnostic and planning tool that helps non-government organisations and civil society organisations helps organisations improve performance using a systematic and objective approach.

    Our training on project design and management, performance monitoring and results-based management also supports organisational success.

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  • Project design

    As proven leaders in project design, our technical experts work hand in hand with our project managers to design effective, innovative projects that achieve clients’ objectives.

    The ultimate success and value for money of a project relies on smart project design. At the design phase we use a rigorous evidence-based approach to identifying the best approaches for delivering intended outcomes.

    At the project design we also develop monitoring systems for tracking the progress of a project and for assessing whether any changes to project activities are necessary. This enables regular performance improvement from the outset of the project.

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  • Project management

    Effective project management is the core of what we do. For more than 40 years we’ve been trusted by clients from both the public and private sector to deliver quality results, on time and on budget. We’ve mobilised and implemented large and complex projects across the world, including in some of the most difficult places to operate – from Pakistan’s border region to Somalia’s fragile government institutions and Papua New Guinea’s highlands.

    All projects are managed consistently to improve efficiencies and reduce potential risks, regardless of technical area, country or client. Our quality assurance process covers all areas necessary for successful project delivery, from human resources and financial management through to infrastructure and reporting. And safety is core to everything we do.

    Centralised corporate functions – finance, recruitment, health and safety, operations and communications - ensure efficiency, minimise costs and maintain a high level of quality. Our centrally supported, industry-leading project managers are committed to excellence in project delivery.

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  • Research, monitoring and evaluation

    When delivering vital public sector and international development projects, it’s crucial to know whether they are being effective so they can be improved and so that lessons can be learned. Delivering better outcomes requires understanding of what works and what does not, on a project, program and policy level.

    Working in partnership with donors, governments, multilateral organisations, foundations, universities, NGOs and businesses, we help them to understand the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of their work and to identify lessons for future programs and policies.

    We undertake rigorous evaluations and equip organisations and projects with robust monitoring and evaluation systems. Our experts have conducted more than 600 evaluations for a range of clients, including the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the European Commission, the US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). We also help improve the performance of government agencies, organisations and projects through our innovative tools and experience in strategic management and performance improvement.

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  • Scaling up

    When your project’s a success, you want the option to scale it up. Our America’s operation MSI is leading the way on scaling up innovative projects to deliver greater benefits in the developing world.

    The Scaling Up Management Framework details 10 pathways or strategies for scaling up successfully. Our Scaling Up Framework and Toolkit helps you design, manage and monitor the scaling process and is adaptable to many sectors. The framework meets the needs of individual projects according to where you are in the scaling continuum, covering critical questions and issues that must be addressed to develop a viable scaling strategy.

    Our workshops and events on scaling up management are available to donors, national governments, universities, aid agencies, foundations and NGOs. We also continue to provide hands-on support to scale up pilot projects.

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  • Strategic communications

    Our strategic communications specialists help our partners effectively communicate the impact of their work. Our communications strategies consider literacy rates, internet penetration, television viewership and other cultural considerations. We help partners craft key messages, identify target audiences, and determine the best tactics to reach them, including traditional outreach, video, radio and social media, workshops and stakeholder relations. Our approach helps to tell the story of change.

    Through communications for development we engage in two-way communications processes, engaging with communities to understand their views and propose solutions to the challenges they face and strengthening their voice on decisions that affect them.

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