Phil Sinclair

Phil Sinclair

Principal Environmental Scientist (Vic/SA)

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I’m a Principal Scientist with more than 40 years’ experience in environmental assessment in consulting practice and the government sector. Joining Coffey from EPA Victoria, I headed the contaminated sites team and was closely involved in the development of contaminated land management policies during this time. As a Contaminated Sites Auditor, I’ve conducted over 100 audits in Victoria, and over 15 audits in South Australia.

By applying my knowledge of less-commonly occurring soil and groundwater contaminants such as TNT and related explosives, chloroanilines, chlorinated paraffins, phthalates, photographic chemicals, and through my background in aquatic chemistry – I’m able to bring smarter solutions to land development and infrastructure projects for our clients. A smarter solution is not always a more technical one, but is often about selecting the right mix of options, developing site-specific criteria and the assessment of off-site effects of contamination.

The reason I’ve been an active and engaged consultant for more than 17 years is that I get great satisfaction seeing our clients reach their project development goal.