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Kate Wilson

Senior Gender and Social Development Specialist

+14 8 0737 0359
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I am a Senior Social Development Specialist. I have spent the last 15+ years consulting as a Gender and Social Development Specialist working in partnerships with foreign governments, international organisations and private sector companies to empower women and improve women's lives across Asia and the Pacific.

I have experience working on gender issues in a range of sectors including governance, health, education, women's economic empowerment, gender lens investing and private sector development, transport infrastructure and addressing violence against women.

I work with clients and local partners to design and deliver specific actions and activities that tackle the persistent challenges and barriers that are holding women and people with disabilities back from achieving their full potential.

I also help organisations build more inclusive and connected cultures, I implement leadership coaching and I advocate for gender equality and social change through training, policy and program development, and reviews and evaluations.

Together with clients, including governments, civil society, donors, and private and public organisations, I develop, integrate and implement solutions that effectively promote gender equality, disability inclusion and social inclusion issues.  Through a strengths-based approach, I support partners to undertake gender and social analysis and identify their own priorities for gender equality and social inclusion that are aligned with their existing policies and programs. I use capacity-building techniques such as mentoring, training and coalition building to support skills building in gender-sensitive, socially-inclusive and participatory analysis and programming at all levels. I develop tools and resources in close consultation with partners, so they are linked to their core work, and we work with partners to strengthen their capacity in ways that are also practical and relevant to their day-to-day work.

Projects that I have worked on for Coffey clients across Asia and the Pacific include:

•             Pacific Readiness for Social Enterprise (Pacific RISE)

•             Australia Awards Papua New Guinea

•             Incentive Fund Papua New Guinea

•             Economic and Public Sector Program Papua New Guinea

•             Kiribati Education Improvement Program

•             Vietnam Australia Awards

•             Pakistan Australia Awards

•             South Asia Australia Awards

•             Gender review of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand

•             Australia Awards Indonesia

•             Fiji Facility

I am a passionate advocate for gender equality and for creating global change. Communities are comprised of diverse groups of people with different needs, priorities and interests. I am proud to develop and deliver effective strategies for promoting gender equality and social inclusion because equality is fundamental to creating thriving communities and a thriving planet.


Investing in women’s economic empowerment is essential for COVID-19 recovery

The advancement of women’s economic empowerment will be essential to leading a fast recovery from the impact of COVID-19, and to building a more resilient and equitable future for everyone.