Peter Marchant

Peter Marchant

Principal Geotech Engineer

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I’m a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience working in New Zealand. Involved in both the property and transport infrastructure industry on road, bridge, oil storage tank, and commercial and residential development projects, my on-going areas of focus include ground retention for roads and building developments, stability assessments and landslide remediation, and the design of temporary ground support works.

We’ve developed cost effective and innovative solutions for a number of geotechnical problems by taking realistic, intelligent risk approaches - helping us deliver smart bespoke solutions. Property projects I’ve worked on include Auckland’s Long Bay residential subdivision, multi-story apartment buildings in the Bay of Plenty and the Mt Richmond industrial subdivision development in Westfield. I’ve also provided expertise for transport infrastructure projects such as the Gateway Bridge Abutment Design, soil nail slope stabilization works for State Highway 1 and 18, and Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall true bridge abutment designs for SH1.

Working at Coffey for seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of projects alongside world leading mentors and expertise. In saying that, some of my most satisfying work has come from the chance to help smaller private clients who’ve suffered losses arising from natural disasters such as the Christchurch earthquakes. Where people are in obvious distress and their personal resources are limited, it’s a privilege to help them recover - the sense of directly contributing to improving their personal circumstances, and the happiness that comes from their returning sense of personal security and independence, has been very special.