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Dr Andrew Smith

Senior Principal

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I am a Senior Principal for Coffey in the UK with over thirty years’ experience in geotechnical engineering. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from highway works through to deep piled foundations for offshore, onshore structures and deep excavations.

I like to tackle any problem that requires my analytical skills. In geotechnical engineering, many design problems have features unique to themselves, either because of the ground conditions or because of the required purpose. Such problems can often be best approached by going back to first principles, and reducing a complex situation to a number of comparatively simple analyses. This approach requires clear thought and a thorough understanding of theoretical soil mechanics.

The high point of my time with Coffey was working on the Limerick Immersed Tube Tunnel project. The works comprised complex retained excavations up to 15 m deep in soft alluvial soils overlying limestone. The design required thorough analysis and also close cooperation with both the constructor and the structural designer. Together with our clients John Sisk and Sons Ltd and MLM consulting, we won the 2008 Fleming Award for our work on the design and construction of temporary works.