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Chris Armstrong

Geotechnics Leader Auckland (NZ)

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I’m the Geoservices manager for the Auckland and Silverdale offices and a senior geotechnical engineer. I’m responsible for our team of geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and contaminated land specialists in Auckland and the surrounding area. I’ve been with Coffey for four years, after moving from the UK while working for a large multi-disciplinary consultant. I’m a Chartered Geotechnical Engineer in NZ.

While in the UK I worked on numerous transport and property infrastructure projects. Since arriving in New Zealand, I’ve been responsible for delivering a large residential insurance claim project following the Canterbury earthquake. Our client needs a quality product with a high volume of delivery to meet their obligations to customers. As a Chartered Engineer (CPEng) I also have an important role in providing design advice and review for a number of projects in our property industry. I am passionate about providing value for our clients, whether that be in design cost savings, an accessible and responsive team or easy to understand advice.

I’m proud to work at Coffey because of the team we have. If we don’t have an expert locally, we’ll have one internationally. To me this means our clients can be confident we’re able to deliver projects anywhere.


Your foundations don’t have to cost the earth

The attraction of saving money by forgoing upfront geotechnical investigations has been the downfall of many a development. Buts its false economy and we’ll tell you why.