Mining companies are faced with the constant need to meet stringent environmental regulations for tailings discharge and water management while also operating their projects efficiently. Coffey has the solutions to help you meet these obligations in the most cost effective way.

Our tailings specialists can deliver innovative storage solutions offering both economic and environmental advantages over traditional methods, including integrated waste landforms and in-pit tailings storage.

We are experienced in the design of a wide range of containment facility types including above ground single and multi-cell paddock-type, valley-type and in-pit storages, as well as thickened tailings and filtered tailings or dry stacking.

The type of facility that is chosen is largely dictated by terrain, scale of the project, project economics, environment and regulatory constraints and client preference. We work with our clients to develop a clear picture of these design elements to ensure we design an appropriate facility that’s optimised from the outset.

Our comprehensive range of tailings services for surface and underground storage facilities covers the civil, geotechnical, geological and geoenvironmental fields across all stages of the life of the mine.

Optimising site selection, designing, constructing, operating and closing containment structures requires a thorough understanding of the local environment and relevant mineral processing operations, regulatory constraints and tailings storage methods and management practices. Our teams have worked on many international projects across a diverse range of commodities including gold, nickel, iron ore and base metals. This varied experience means we can design an appropriate solution for our clients, supported by practical and useful documentation.