In an industry with so much complexity, getting the most efficient result in a responsible way is a constant challenge. Diverse commodities, multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements, extreme and remote environments are just some of the things that need to be managed.

From exploration to development and production, the right skills to deal with these challenges can add value and deliver smart solutions for your mining project.

Our specialists work closely with you to find the most practical and cost effective solutions, working with you at all stages of the project lifecycle from target generation to safe mine closure. Our services range from innovative spatial data management solutions to leading geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring systems, analytical quality control and hydraulic transport applications.

Every member of our team is accredited to professional levels in all mining jurisdictions and we’re recognised for this by major financial institutions, resource funds and securities exchanges.

Support services across your supply chain, anywhere in the world

A best for project approach can deliver long term viability and ongoing value to stakeholders and shareholders. Our specialists determine how to get the best outcomes for your project, with experience spanning hard and soft rock mining techniques, open pit and underground mining along with regulatory compliance and financial due diligence.

Our disciplines include exploration geology, mine engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, hydrogeology, tailings storage facility design, metallurgical and mineral processing engineering services. We also have the relevant supporting environmental services in-house.

We provide:

  • well-developed approaches, methods and tools
  • experience solving similar problems
  • a dedicated team to tackle the specific issues at hand
  • an unbiased, third party perspective that is not constrained by day to day operations
  • subject matter experts who can provide a sounding board for new ideas

  • Evaluation

    Managing your environmental and social risk

    Environmental and social impact assessments can influence site and transport route selection and determine your social license to operate. It's not just about securing approvals, it's about making sure the conditions under which you operate address stakeholder concerns and support your success.

    Our environmental and social performance specialists can support you through the approvals process. We deliver stakeholder perception analysis, engagement plans and social impact management plans to support your operations within the community. On site, we establish monitoring, compliance, audit and management programs to support effective operations. 

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  • Asset development

    Design and build integrity

    On big projects, small things count. Difficult or unconventional ground conditions create uncertainty and risk. Robust geotechnical design and solutions reduces time and cost – and protects the integrity of the structure.

    Exact design specifications based on accurate site characterisation, using the right materials and ensuring ongoing quality checking throughout construction is crucial to ensure the long-term value of your asset and mitigate safety and maintenance issues. Our teams will work with you to understand complex, local ground conditions early in the design phases. From pit to port, we advise on foundation conditions for all infrastructure and facility developments.

    Seeing Further

    Realistic 3D numerical simulations see further in complex conditions and increase the likelihood of cost-effective, long-term solutions. Our virtual reality application supports optimisation and value engineering to see your whole site in 3D, spot imperfections, adjust your design and find the right solution, early.

    Our instrumentation and monitoring programs validate these results to reduce maintenance costs and project risk.

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  • Construction

    Reducing cost

    Geotechnical and geophysical analysis produces enhanced site characterisation to support smart engineering. This drives competitive advantage by reducing risk, construction time and costs. Our 3D modelling team, backed up by our on-site construction control testing, provides precise results to minimise risks via design modifications.

    Construction control testing to prevent delays and expensive maintenance

    Combining realistic predictions of performance through advanced modelling with validation through state-of-the-art monitoring and instrumentation, allows an initial geotechnical design that is less conservative and more economic. Making sure construction is aligned with design specifications and industry standards ensures quality, long lasting and low maintenance facilities and infrastructure.

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  • Operations

    Hands on experience

    Understanding the environments you work in is fundamental in driving efficiencies, supporting safe work practices and delivering the smartest solution to maximise your return on investment.

    Our mining specialists have extensive operational and project management experience in most mining centres around the world, delivering environmental approvals, stakeholder engagement and auditing services.

    Health and safety - protecting your workforce

    Mining operations can expose your workforce to some of the most hazardous working conditions in the world. Workers can be at risk from exposure to dust, noise, heights, confined spaces, explosives, toxic materials, chemical radiation and potential biological hazards.

    We are a leading authority in assessing hazardous materials, noise and vibration. Whether your project needs contaminant monitoring, ventilation and air condition assessments, confined space entry testing or occupational hygiene assessments, our team can assess the health and safety risk. We’ll also develop appropriate safe working practices and control systems, before training your workforce to use them appropriately.

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  • Closure

    Effective mine closure planning can determine the best approach for a project from exploration and resource evaluation to planning and executing the extraction sequence and processing of minerals in a socially, environmentally and commercially sustainable way.

    Our mine closure and restoration specialists will tailor your existing site closure plans to lower costs by shortening the time from when a site is earmarked for closure to its re-use or sale. We offer an integrated approach to mine closure and rehabilitation, drawing on our diverse range of specialist skills from ecological services, environmental planning, mining and contaminated sites groups. We work with you to develop a stable, post mining landform that complies with relevant legislation and regulatory guidelines.

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  • Evaluate


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    mining stage1


    • enabling infrastructure - scoping & site selection
    • concept/pre-feasibility/feasibility 
    • numerical 3D modelling/GIS
    • optimisation studies
    • virtual reality impact assessment
    • due diligence
    • data management - environmental permitting
    • water - balance, well field assessment and design
    • safety management planning

    Social licence to operate

    • environmental & social impact assessment
    • environmental management 
    • intelligent risk management
    • community management 
    • stakeholder engagement
    • local investment advice  
    • closure planning
    • government liaison
    • risk assessment & management
    • concept design visualisation solutions


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  • Develop


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    mining stage2

    Asset management & studies

    • project management
    • safety management planning
    • civil infrastructure design
    • retaining structures
    • tailings design & management planning
    • seismic assessment
    • water - modelling, storage and re-use or disposal

    Construction management

    • contractor management
    • site safety auditing
    • materials testing
    • environmental compliance auditing & monitoring
    • occupational hygiene monitoring
    • community management
    • materials sourcing & testing
    • foundation & pavement design
    • value engineering
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  • Operate


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    mining stage3

    Management & maintenance

    • operational optimisation studies
    • expansion studies
    • waste and tailings management/auditing
    • water - management, monitoring and impact mitigation
    • instrumentation & monitoring
    • geotechnical data collection & monitoring
    • investigations, ‘trouble-shooting’ & problem resolution

    Compliance management

    • environmental management plans & auditing
    • safety management plans & auditing
    • occupational hygiene assessment & compliance monitoring
    • visualisation solutions (VR)

    Mine closure

    • closure design & end use planning
    • contamination assessment & remediation
    • progressive site restoration/rehabilitation planning, implementation & supervision
    • infrastructure decommissioning
    • pre-decommissioning environmental & social reviews
    • optimisation of materials placement, drainage & re-vegetation
    • integrated waste dump & tailings landform designs
    • environmental standards post-closure monitoring
    • assessment & reporting of relinquishment criteria
    • visualisation solutions (VR)
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