Communities and economies have the best chance to thrive when they’re supported by effective security, law and justice systems. Establishing stability is essential before a country can determine the best future for its people.

Coffey supports integrated security, law and justice reforms by working with local, regional and national government institutions, as well as with informal justice and legal systems. Our work spans many conflict and post-conflict settings, including Iraq, Pakistan and Timor Leste.

We support security and justice sector development by building community approaches to reduce and prevent crime. This is achieved by improved oversight mechanisms, policy development, institutional strengthening and better public engagement. Ultimately, we help security and justice providers become more credible, accountable and responsive to people’s day-to-day needs.


  • strengthen police forces’ capabilities to investigate and prosecute crimes, leading to better law enforcement and fairer justice
  • improve women’s ability to lodge complaints with the police and to have their legal issues handled appropriately
  • help reform criminal justice systems by training judges and lawyers on best practices, supporting legal drafting, strengthening advocacy for justice reforms, developing legal aid networks, and raising awareness of legal rights, judicial ethics and codes of conduct
  • bring expertise to the unique issues arising in conflict and post-conflict settings
  • monitor and evaluate security, law and justice programs