20151110 Workshops on effective remediation to support urban growth 370x298In response to an increase in demand for the development of brownfield sites Coffey is hosting a series of workshops on effective remediation approaches that will kick off this week.

Coffey Group Executive Property Infrastructure Richard Biesheuvel said the workshops will identify ways for our clients to save time and money on crucial remediation works.

“Throughout Australia and New Zealand, land shortages and a preference for high density living within our urban centres is increasing the demand for historically industrialised land,” Richard said.

“Making sure that this land is safe and well managed is an important first step in the development of brownfield sites.”

The workshops come as major urban transformation programs such as Bays Precinct get underway.

“Remediation is one of the first crucial stages of these projects, as it lays the groundwork for a safe and successful development,” Richard said.

“Getting it right at the start can provide significant benefits to the overall project and ensure risks are effectively managed from the outset.”

The workshops will draw on case studies to discuss sustainable remediation techniques, methods for improving environmental outcomes and the latest measures to maximise efficiencies on remediation projects.

Key issues will include asbestos management, assessing above and below ground risk, and the latest technology, tools and approaches.

The workshops will also discuss new innovations in sustainable remediation, including the Solar Thermal Aerobic Recirculation Treatment system (START) currently being piloted by Coffey. The system was developed by Coffey’s site assessment and remediation experts to reduce the time it takes to remediate contaminated petroleum sites, while using carbon neutral technology.

The first workshop is in Perth tomorrow.

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