Vietnam Anti Corruption 2013 3 20131207005725 Resized WEBThe twelfth annual Anti-Corruption Dialogue was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 12 November. The forum focused on how to enhance business engagement in tackling corruption in the country.

In preparation for this high profile event, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Government Inspectorate, and the British Embassy co-organised a series of workshops for businesses and government organisations. The preparatory workshops were supported by DFID.

Discussions at the workshops focused on the roles businesses can play in reducing corruption, the impact of corruption on business, corporate integrity practices, supply chain management systems, and the potential for collective action to fight corruption.

Businesses attending the workshops expressed an interest in improving business integrity as well as in learning more about implementing corporate integrity systems and gaining a better understanding of the law.  

Participants also recognised the benefits of collective action to tackle corruption. They identified several areas for possible collective action, such as tax, customs, procurement and licensing. They also agreed that tackling corruption should be a multi-stakeholder initiative, where the government commits to working with businesses on piloting new collective action initiatives and where business associations and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce facilitate the process.

The recommendations that emerged during the workshops were addressed during the Anti-Corruption Dialogue in November. In turn, the recommendations that resulted from the Dialogue are being submitted to the Vietnam Development Partnership Forum, to be held in early December, for further discussion and solutions.

The Vietnamese Government’s anti-corruption efforts are being supported by a joint DFID/ Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) team. Among its many roles, the team leads the formal dialogue process on anti-corruption, including by playing a leading role in the annual Anti-Corruption Dialogue.

Technical assistance to DFID’s anti-corruption work in Vietnam is being provided by Coffey.