11 Proven best practices for helping 2WEBMSI is Coffey's Americas operation. With years of experience we have been able to hone in on approaches that help local CSOs fulfil their potential and stay productive long after we depart.

We weave into all our programs three tried-and-true practices from our work in the field:

  • local Ownership Results from Local Choices and Decision-making
  • technical +Organizational Capacity Building = Increased Program Capability and performance
  • local Mentoring and Coaching Enhances Ownership and Sustainability

Our ultimate goal is leaving citizen groups and organisations stronger and more effective in tackling the social, economic and democratic challenges of their societies.

And the impact can be seen in our long-term field projects. With the help from our IDF toolkit, we supported 107 CSOs in Zambia to build their management and human resource capacities to deliver improved HIV/AIDS services.

For more information, please click here to read the full text on civil society development and impact in the field.