Last week, we hosted His Excellency U Ohn Win, Myanmar’s Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MoNREC), who was visiting Australia with a ministerial delegation.

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We’ve been working in Myanmar and the region for many years. Through significant projects we’ve been able bring our international expertise to the country and help MoNREC to ensure good outcomes for Myanmar – helping to build confidence that Myanmar is open for business.

Most of Myanmar is located inside the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, one of the world’s richest and most threatened fauna and flora reservoirs. It’s also home to Asia’s most extensive tropical forest ecosystems, with more than 46% of its area covered with intact forest. Its 2832km coastline houses unique areas of marine habitat, mangroves and coastal ecology.

Many coastal people are directly reliant upon natural resources for subsistence. Besides fish and other aquatic foods, communities collect non-timber forest products like wild fruits and vegetables from mangroves and coastal forests. Offshore lies coral reef and seagrass bed marine ecosystems, providing coastal villages with an abundant supply of food.

This close relationship with the environment remains more important than ever. And as today’s investors seek to access the country’s oil and gas reserves, there’s potential for economic growth to challenge this balance.

Coffey is proud to support Myanmar implement best practice on their ongoing journey of development and sustainable economic growth.