20151210 Revitalising our cities while managing environmental risk 370x298 3Sydney’s industry leaders received an insight into how innovation could transform urban development and support sustainable remediation in the last of a recent series of workshops across Australia.

Coffey’s workshops explored new thinking in sustainable remediation – an area that has not seen significant change in decades.

Group Executive Property Infrastructure Richard Biesheuvel said the growing popularity for higher density living in our urban centres was increasing the need to re-purpose brownfield sites – and sustainable remediation will be increasingly important to support this.

“There are several major urban transformation projects currently planned or underway providing our cities with an opportunity to determine their future direction,” Richard said.

“Brownfield remediation requires new approaches and smart solutions that will continue to benefit future generations.

“Sustainable remediation is crucial for these projects, as it lays the groundwork for a safe and successful development.”

The workshop featured four speakers who discussed sustainable remediation, with a greater emphasis on recycling and reuse over an asset’s lifecycle.

The workshop also detailed the smart solutions behind Coffey’s Solar Thermal Aerobic Remediation Treatment (START) technology, which harnesses solar power to deliver a low cost, efficient bioremediation system.

Each of our presenters brought unique insights into Coffey’s contribution to sustainable remediation, technologies and practices – bringing environmental, economic and social benefits.