Harry is known globally for his pioneering work in pile foundation analysis and design. His contributions to large-scale projects can be found in iconic structures around the world. He has designed and peer reviewed foundations for super tall structures including Dubai’s Emirates Twin Towers and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building; the Incheon 151 Tower in South Korea. Harry recently received the American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Projects And Leaders Award and in 2014, he was elected by his peers as a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering (United States).

“Harry is an undisputable leader in tall building foundation design globally and I’m sure this book will provide considerable value to practitioners” said Urs Meyerhans, Coffey CEO.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the design of foundations for tall buildings. It takes the reader through a general review of the characteristics of tall buildings, various foundation options are discussed followed by the general principles of foundation design as applied to tall buildings. Harry has paid considerable attention to the methods of assessment of the geotechnical design parameters.

He provides a detailed treatment to foundation design for various conditions, including ultimate stability, serviceability, ground movements, dynamic loadings and seismic loadings and basement wall design. The book covers pile load testing and foundation performance measurement and uses a number of case histories to explain many of the concepts highlighted throughout the book.

Harry takes the reader through the stages of foundation design: preliminary, detailed and final, while presenting of a number of relevant methods of design associated with each stage.

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For more details or to purchase a copy of the book go to:  https://www.crcpress.com/Tall-Building-Foundation-Design/Poulos/p/book/9781138748033