20151130 PNGs MAN changing attitudes to treatment of women 16 Days of Activism 370x297Papua New Guinea’s Male Advocacy Network (MAN) has developed an initiative in support of the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

16 Days of Activism 2015 began on 25 November – White Ribbon Day – and aims to increase awareness about the impact of violence against women and girls through community generated ideas, strategies and actions.

The MAN worked with Coffey to make a video that looks at the process men go through to become male advocates and take up the role of influencing other men to change their views.

Male advocates vow to become role models for women's empowerment, and to take the gender equity and social inclusion message into their workplaces and communities.

The MAN is an initiative of the PNG Government in partnership with the Economic and Public Sector Program. Over 50 men across the provinces and agencies have completed training.

The Economic and Public Sector Program is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government.