São Paulo Minister for the Environment secretary Rubens Naman Rizek Junior has launched DataGEO to members of the Paulista Environmental System (Justice Ministry, Geological Institute, Forestry Department, Enviromental Planning Institute).

The World Bank funded program – developed by Coffey – provides the Department with access to and management of a wide range of environmental spatial datasets. This includes monitoring, reporting, planning and enforcement throughout the state of São Paulo.

The SDI delivers time and cost savings when compared to corporate systems, offering integration and access to all environmental spatial information of the São Paulo state.

Our team designed and built the DataGEO platform using a broad range of capabilities from geoscience to GIS, system development and project management

Coffey’s information team is currently 18 months into the project’s 24 month build phase.

Congratulations to the São Paulo Department for the Environment on reaching this significant milestone. You can see the system at their website here http://datageo.ambiente.sp.gov.br