20151014 Training journalists in objective and accurate reporting 370x298Coffey’s Aitebaar program is setting up a fully equipped newsroom at the University of Peshawar in Pakistan as part of a program working with the media to raise awareness of security and justice issues.

It will replicate a real newsroom environment and will be used to train 75 journalists on how to cover security and justice issues.

The newsroom will give journalism students the opportunity to get on-the-job training on how to cover issues such as policing, violence against women and dispute resolution.

The University’s Journalism and Mass Communications Department Chairman Altafullak Khan welcomed the initiative.

“This initiative will prepare young journalists to focus on security and justice issues with the utmost professionalism,” Professor Khan said.

The media plays an important role in shaping the public’s demand for improvements in security and justice services. The Aitebaar program is working with the media to raise citizens’ awareness of security and justice issues, so they can both identify problems, demand change and be informed of government efforts to improve services.

Aitebaar promotes objective, accurate and unbiased press coverage. This includes initiatives aimed directly at journalists, such as this one.

Aitebaar is a UK-funded program focused on strengthening trust between citizens and government by improving the workings of the security and justice sector. It will run until 2016.

Photo: In June Aitebaar signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Peshawar to establish a fully equipped news lab.