Australia Awards Indonesia Scholarship Holders small 20130806174945 Resized WEBAntoni Saputra and Renata C. G. Vigeleyn Nikijuluw are just two examples of what a small investment can do. Both are recipients of Australia Awards managed in Indonesia by Coffey on behalf of AusAID. The program is an integral part of Australia’s education assistance to Indonesia. The scholarship program seeks to develop a new generation of leaders with enduring links with Australia and improved education outcomes.

This year, 500 individuals from Indonesia alone are expected to benefit from the Australia Awards program.

Antoni currently works in the Communication and Information Technology Department, Padang City and is an Australia Award Alumni from Griffith University in 2011.

Despite Antoni’s disability and his need for one-on-one care, Antoni proved that there are few barriers to learning, and even fewer to academic and career success. “Education is definitely the key to a better life for people with a disability,” says Antoni. “Studying in Australia has equipped me with not only new knowledge to implement in the work I do, but also valuable experience and better prospects.” The Australia Awards provided an opportunity for Antoni to become an active member of his academic cohort and professional network, both in Australia and on return to Indonesia.

Renata C.G. Vigeleyn Nikijuluw also understands the importance of pursuing higher education opportunities and the value of English as a second language. She completed a Masters of Education (TESOL) at the University of Southern Queensland in 2006. Upon her return to Indonesia in 2007, the lecturer of English Language Education at the University of Pattimura, Ambon established the English Community – an English debating group. She hoped that establishing the group would not only improve their English skills, but also improve their critical thinking skills. Learn more about Renata's work.

Individuals such as Antoni and Renata and collaborative alumni gatherings, such as AAAC Conference 2013, show clearly the positive outcomes of the Australia Awards through the practical application of capacity, skills and knowledge across individuals, institutions and agencies throughout Indonesia.