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Competing against the world’s best landscape projects, Kopupaka Reserve in Westgate Auckland was awarded Landscape of the Year Winner 2016 at the World Architectural Festival (WAF).

The linear reserve follows a riparian corridor and integrates community amenities with engineering and ecology. Interspersed with stormwater ponds and wetland areas, the reserve’s design serves as open space for recreation and helps to manage stormwater.

The project team engaged extensively with local Maori communities for the design of the retaining walls which is based on hinaki, or Maori eel-catching baskets, to help conceal the major stormwater pond outlet structures needed for the new stormwater system.

As experts in timber crib retaining wall systems, Coffey was engaged to undertake the detailed design work of the complex shapes envisaged by the designer.Kopupaka Reserve, image courtesy of Isthmus & David St George Photography    

Our team worked closely with Isthmus Landscape Architects to produce the detailed design of approximately 400 linear metres of curved timber crib retaining walls for the pond areas of the reserve. In addition to the detailed design, certification and construction monitoring of the walls, Coffey also oversaw all of the earthworks observation and testing associated with the re-contouring of this large 22 hectare development area. 

These striking, sculpted structures integrate the stormwater ponds with the open space and will provide areas for a skate park, cultural garden (showcasing Māori weaving plants) and play space, contributing to an interesting and varied open space experience. The pond outlet structures are also equipped with fish ladders to ensure that the ecological vitality of the catchment is maintained.

This year’s World Architectural Festival awards were held in Berlin and featured 343 shortlisted projects from 58 countries across 32 categories making it the world’s largest architectural awards program.

“Getting into the world’s top ten was major achievement, so to win the WAF award is amazing. Congratulations to all involved in the project, this is an outstanding achievement in such a competitive field,” says Andrew Mailer, NZ Regional General Manager.  “Providing the geotechnical expertise to positively affect the outcome of a bold and innovative landscape design concept has been an extremely rewarding experience.” says Peter Marchant Principal Geotechnical Engineer who carried out the detailed design of the architectural centrepieces of the Kopupaka Reserve. 

The project is a collaboration between Auckland Council’s Project Development Office (DPO), Healthy Waters Department (stormwater), Parks, Sport and Recreation, Henderson-Massey Local Board, Isthmus Group, ICB, Phi Group and Coffey.

Kopupaka Reserve photos courtesy of Isthmus & David St George Photography . 

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