hawaiki submarinecable

Coffey has been contracted via Tetra Tech to conduct the permit acquisition and environmental assessment/study services for the 270-km-long section of the Hawaiki Fibre Optic Cable System that will traverse the American Samoa Exclusive Economic Zone for New Zealand company, Hawaiki Submarine Cable.  

This 16,491 km-long Hawaiki submarine cable will link Oregon, USA to Sydney, Aust and Mangawhai, NZ, passing through the waters of Hawaii, American Samoa and other Pacific Islands. The system is scheduled to be ready for service in June 2018.

The project aims to future proof capacity for Australia, New Zealand and the connected Pacific Islands and provide direct access to the US market. It’ll increase international broadband availability and drop the cost of internet access for the end-user.

Tetra Tech has been undertaking permitting support for the Hawaiian sections of the project. This existing client relationship coupled with Coffey New Zealand’s regional knowledge, deep environmental expertise and experience on previous cable laying projects won Coffey the American Samoan portion of the project.

Regional General Manager New Zealand Andrew Mailer said “this is one of the first collaborations between Coffey and Tetra Tech and it highlighted the depth and breadth of experience we can collectively bring to the table. This is an exciting time to be working at Coffey”.