Marine Geotechnics by Professor Harry Poulos, the preeminent authority on foundation design, was first published in 1988 and was the first technical book to provide a comprehensive treatment of geotechnical and foundation design challenges in the marine environment.

Drawing on Harry Poulos’ considerable research and consulting experience this major book deals with the nature, behaviour and stability of marine soils and provides a detailed description of soundly based design methods for foundations of offshore structures.

Now 30 years later the value and technical relevance of Marine Geotechnics holds true with the translation into Mandarin.

“I’m very pleased that the fundamental nature of the information has withstood the inevitable obsolescence that many technical books face nowadays,” says Professor Harry Poulos, “the Mandarin translation will hopefully provide a wider technical knowledge base in marine geotechnics for Chinese speaking graduate students in geotechnical engineering and marine geology, geotechnical engineers in general and those specialising in offshore foundation design."

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