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Developments in groundwater and hydrology

Welcome to our winter edition of Groundwater News – our seasonal newsletter aimed to keep you up-to-date on topical and technical developments in groundwater and hydrology.

In this edition, our feature story presents a comparison between water-energy intensity in unconventional gas and other energy sources such as fossil fuels and biofuels, and considers the inter-relationship between gas and groundwater. A full length paper is available for this topic - click here to access.  

We explore Coffey's new approach to assessing uncertainty in impact analysis for accelerating coal mining approvals, believed to be the first use of this method by consultants in Australia.  

We also discuss the Western Australian Government’s new environmental assessment guidelines for considering subterranean fauna, including stygofauna and troglofauna, in environmental impact assessments.

From a human interest perspective, we look at the groundwater management practices implemented at Japan’s crippled Fukushima reactor – namely ground freezing. We also explore the subterranean tunnel-wells of Iran, looking at the history of groundwater resource development for irrigation and urban water supply.

To download this edition, please click here