ducks breeding WEBReddy Farms is a 100% locally-owned Fijian company, breeding and supplying ducks to restaurants, supermarkets and hotels.  Inadequate machinery and technical capacity meant that meeting consumer demand and pursuing commercial business opportunities was not viable. Recently, it used an AusAID Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECF) grant to construct a hatchery for Pekin day-old ducklings, doubling the capacity for hatchings. 

Reddy Farms is working with fifteen farmers to provide ducklings, along with feed and technical support. Once the birds reach optimum weight, Reddy Farms purchases them at an agreed price per kilo.

With a matching grant of AUD $149,900 the duck farmers have increased their turnover and investigated exporting opportunities across the Pacific. ECF funding also supported Reddy Farms to build a new slaughter house with cold storage facilities and a refrigerated truck for the transport of processed birds to domestic buyers. Reddy Farms hopes to expand its network of supermarkets and restaurants that it is supplying.

The Aus-AID Enterprise Challenge Fund is a six-year pilot grant fund managed by Coffey that began in 2007. It provides funds directly to businesses in Asia and the Pacific on a competitive award basis. Awardees must prove they have an innovative solution to address market failures and stimulate long-term economic growth.

To learn more about the project, watch the interview with Bhakt Reddy, the Director of Reddy Farms.