Dawn Watt 270x191

We are pleased to announce that Dawn Watt has been appointed General Manager Testing Australia.

In this role, Dawn will be responsible for Coffey’s national network of permanent and site-specific laboratory testing facilities, operating in some of Australia’s most remote locations. This is where we provide our clients with deep insights into the properties of the materials, soil and rocks they’re dealing with. Using the latest equipment and specialised analysis we get consistent, quality results in the shortest timeframes possible.

We asked Dawn to comment on her promotion and the industry.   “I’ve been with Coffey for 13 years and the culture of internal promotion has allowed me to progress my career from technician to GM. Now is an exciting time for the testing industry. There are several large projects nationally that will see volumes of testing not experienced in Australia previously. Coffey is in a unique position to service these projects - I look forward to the opportunity to work with our clients to be a part of these once-in-a-lifetime projects.  I am very excited to be leading the team.”

Congratulations Dawn.