20150518 Coffeys Ibrahim Tanko Amidu wins award for leadership in social accountability contentCoffey’s Ibrahim-Tanko Amidu has been awarded the GPSA Award for Leadership in Social Accountability for the Africa Region from the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Social Accountability.

Tanko, based in Ghana, is the Team Leader for the Coffey-managed STAR-Ghana program which works to improve the delivery of basic services, especially to the poor and disadvantaged.

“I feel happy that the effort of the teams I have worked with over the years has been recognised and that I can hold the award out as encouragement to other development workers in their communities,” Tanko said.

“However, the ultimate test of the effectiveness of my work is not the appraisal I receive from my supervisors. The yardstick for measuring success is in the changes I help to make in people’s lives: more secure livelihoods, improved access to quality social services and an increased voice for excluded social groups.

“Throughout my career, and particularly my work in social accountability, these are the ends I have kept in mind and which have guided me.”

The GPSA awards recognise individuals in government, civil society organisations and the private sector for their contributions in the field of social accountability as a means to eradicate poverty.