20150212Coffey to evaluate the case to increase the size of the European UnionContentWhat is and isn’t working to increase public support for an expansion of the European Union will be uncovered in a new piece of work by Coffey.

Coffey has begun an evaluation of the European Commission’s information and communication activities targeting member states.

It will facilitate the Commission’s evidence-based decision-making, from the design of communications activities to their implementation. Ultimately, our recommendations will help the Commission refine its communications strategy and improve the impact of its information campaigns.

The European project was born in the 1950s when six countries began working together with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody conflicts which had torn the continent apart. Since then, the European Union has grown to an organisation consisting of 28 member states, covering most of the continent.

In the future the EU intends to expand even further. However, since 2006 public opposition to enlargement has strengthened, mainly due to the economic and social crisis that hit the EU in recent years. The most recent research (July 2014) shows that almost 50% of the citizens of existing EU Member States oppose enlargement.