Kosovo Children Playing 20131212230341 Resized WEBThe UK aid-funded, Coffey-managed Kosovo Social Services Decentralisation project has been shortlisted for two British Expertise awards – Outstanding International Development Project (non-physical) and Outstanding International Collaboration. Coffey’s Mayssa Daye is a finalist for the Young Consultant of the Year Award.

The British Expertise International Awards celebrate exceptional achievements by companies working in the UK professional services sector. The award for outstanding international development project recognises projects that demonstrate effective results, customer satisfaction, team work, local partnerships, and the ability to meet changing needs and cultural challenges. The award for outstanding international collaboration is given to successful projects that demonstrate great team work, innovation and sustainable results.

The Kosovo Social Services Decentralisation project tackled Kosovo’s challenges in providing adequate social services to its most needy citizens. The project improved the delivery of social care services by supporting social service decentralisation and strengthening the capabilities of local governments and agencies to meet people’s needs.

Kosovo now has a carefully designed budget formula and tool for the preparation of social service budgets. Additionally, regular dialogue on decentralisation occurs between local and national government officials. Municipalities are also much better equipped to plan, budget and deliver social services to needy members of their communities. 

The Young Consultant of the Year Award recognises consultants under 35 who have “demonstrated serious achievement on the international stage and show great future potential.” 

Ms. Daye is one of four finalists for the award. She is currently the Deputy Team Leader of a UK aid-funded peacebuilding programme in Pakistan. She manages over 70 consultants, in both Islamabad and Peshawar, and provides technical direction and inputs to help lead eight projects aimed at improving the delivery of security and justice services.

Prior to this programme, Ms. Daye worked as an institutional development advisor and project manager, specialising in conflict and fragile states. She has significant experience in the Middle East and Africa.