Civil Society Learning Forum HP 20130927030306 Resized WEBCoffey is organising the Civil Society Learning Forum, a follow up to the Pan African Empowerment and Accountability Learning event that took place in Kenya in June 2012.

This event brought together donor-funded programs that work with civil society organisations to strengthen empowerment and accountability, with the aim of sharing lessons and successful approaches for delivery.

The Civil Society Learning Forum hopes to build on the lessons learned through Pan African Empowerment and Accountability Learning (PACSLE). It also aims to enable sharing of new ideas and innovative approaches, to incorporate newer programs that were not able to attend PACSLE, as well as donors and service providers, and to further strengthen relationships with program teams.

Information on the programs and participants, as well as background documents, vidoes and articles on the key ‘findings’ and highlights of the event will be published before, during and after the event on the forum's blog: Comments and discussion by participants and the wider public are encouraged. Join the discussion on the blog and on Twitter, using the hashtag #civsocforum2013.




Photo by PAPADEV, STAR-Ghana grant partner