20150202 Coffey GM appointed chair of Property Council committeeContentCoffey General Manager Geomechanics QLD Dayan Jayasekera has been appointed Chair of the Planning and Infrastructure Committee for the QLD division of the Property Council of Australia.

Dayan has been involved with the Property Council for five years and has been deputy chair of the committee for the past two years.

“I’m excited to be advocating for the industry and the members of the Property Council on important public infrastructure projects, especially as the state’s key infrastructure projects are now reaching delivery stage,” Dayan said.

The committee is responsible for influencing the state’s legislative planning environment and the progression of opportunities for the private sector in the development of the public infrastructure. Learn more about the committee here.

“It’s an important time to be involved in the property and infrastructure space and to have influence on the state’s development agenda.”

Coffey works across the asset lifecycle in both the property and transport infrastructure industries. Dayan’s election as chair is testament to his expertise in these fields.

Congratulations to Dayan on his appointment.